Antibacterial Newborn Cocoon Swaddle ( Pack of 2), white/Blue

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The simplest way to swaddle your baby. The swaddle is made with smartcel™ sensitive, which is an innovative antibacterial natural fiber with essential trace element zinc that possesses antibacterial and odor-reducing properties, ideal for babies with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema. -Antibacterial & Anti-odor: Zinc oxide possesses strong antibacterial properties, especially against odour causing bacteria, which helps to make garments stay fresh longer. To learn more smartcel sensitive, you can visit smatfiberAG offecial website. -Eco friendly: The fiber is produced without the use of aggressive chemicals and is made solely from renewable raw materials, making it both eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. -Can be adjusted according to the baby's size with attached velcro design. -Ultra soft cotton, gentle and safe on baby's skin.