Banff Baby Bag

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Banff bags are made of water repellent material including zippers. A right amount of space to fit in baby clothes, diapers, 2 large water bottles (has 2 built in velcro straps) and not to mention parent's valuables too.

A handbag, backpack and a sling bag (can be detached if not in use). Comes with free padded diaper mat that can easily be clean once stained. The diaper mat is used for public change tables so as your baby skin is protected from possible viruses and bacteria. The storage of the diaper mat is at the back of the Banff bag where it can easily be access every time the baby needs to change, at the same time, extra cushion for the back and more importantly, after using the mat in public tables, keeping it isolated to assure that baby stuff will not be contaminated.

A fully insulated front dome that can fit in four large bottles.
Each pocket is insulated as well as the inside roof of the dome which makes it perfect for 4 large bottles.

Banff baby bag comes in Gray and Triple Black, which compliments well to both Dads and Moms. Also, the discreet style makes it perfect for long term use once babies grew older. Great for travels, work, gym, commute bag etc.