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Bébéar 5-in- 1 Aluminum Hip Seat Carrier

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The Bébéar 5-in- 1 Aluminum Hip Seat Carrier is ergonomically designed to give complete support and comfort to both the wearer and the child. Made with quality and lightweight materials, moms and dads are provided with extra flexibility that cannot be experienced with a traditional stroller. This multifunctional hip seat carrier can be used as a front and back baby carrier, or as a baby hip seat.

Materials: 100% Polyester

Recommended Age: 4 – 36 months* (*The hip seat can be used by babies less than 4 months old to assist in feeding, burping, etc. The recommended age of usage depends on the child’s individual physical development)

Recommended Weight: up to 20kg

Colors: Blue and Pink

Size: one size only, can fit waist lines of up to 46 inches or 118 cm.

Warranty: 1 Year from date of purchase (original warranty card must presented together with the item)

Wearing Positions:

o As a baby hip seat carrier:

 Forward Facing (4-36 months)

 Inward Facing (4-36 months)

 Back Carrying (6-36 months)

o As a hip seat

 Forward Facing (4-36 months)

 Inward Facing (4-36 months)

Key Product Features:

 Multifunctional 5-in- 1 Hip Seat Carrier that has five wearing positions. As a baby hip seat carrier, there are 3 wearing positions, such as forward facing position (4-36 months), inward facing position (4-36 months) and back carrying position (6-36 months); As a hip seat, there are 2 wearing positions, forward facing position (4-36 months) and inward facing position (4-36 months).

 Hip seat is made with aluminum to allow maximum air circulation to baby when seated.

 Lightweight (771 grams) and easy to wear, ideal companion in baby wearing anytime, anywhere.

 Water resistant, suitable for both wet and dry season.

 Has extra wide and well padded adjustable waist strap, upper back/chest strap and shoulder straps to decrease pressure on wearer’s body.

 Unique double safety technology through the connection zipper and buckle locks.

 Anti-slip material for added safety of the child.

 Detachable sleeping hood can help support baby’s neck when inward facing, or can be folded then stored when not in use.

 Has 2 spacious pockets for storage.

 Includes 2 removable teething pads.

 Arms and hands are freer to move.

 Superior quality and price competitive.