Brush Away Grey

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Commercial Hair Dye products contain harsh chemical ingredients that may seep in through mommy's scalp and cause harm to a developing baby. This is why Hair Dyeing is not always recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. 


Buds & Blooms Brush Away Grey is a new Non-Toxic Hair Root Touch Up safe for Breastfeeding and Pregnant Women. 

  • No Ammonia
  • No Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Safe for Mommy & Baby
  • Washes Away with Water & Shampoo

Brush Away Grey comes with a mascara wand to easily apply non-toxic hair color directly onto Grey or Discolored hair roots and tips instantly. 

No need for gloves, mixing solutions and ZERO waiting time. Moms can apply it anywhere! It’s mess-free, no water needed. Made with a special formula that blends seamlessly with your natural hair color.