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Buds & Blooms - Belly Smooth Stretch Mark Cream 50g

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Buds & Blooms Belly Smooth is a stretch mark restoration cream

Made with a Blend of ingredients harvested from the wild forests of Korea, our natural formulation of Astralagus plant and Bonnet belleflower helps increase the natural production of collagen of epidermis and dermis.

Collagen is vital in keeping skin firm and elastic during and post-pregnancy

Start using when: Signs of stretch marks appear on belly, thighs, breast and lower back areas.

Scoop a generous amount of the cooling stretch mark cream and spread unto skin. For best results, use 2 to 3 times a day.



Belly Elasticity Oil : Start Using in 1st Trimester to help prevent stretch marks 

Belly Smooth : Start Using in 2nd Trimester to help restore skin with stretch marks

Belly Calm: Start Using Anytime to sooth Itch & Rashes on Mom's Belly & Skin