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These Laundry Mesh Bags will last you a long time with its high quality 100% polyester - thicker than your usual laundry mesh bags! Your clothes, underwear, linens are protected and sanitized with EZ Home Ideas Laundry Mesh Bags!

Product Description
Perfect Combination: 6 different sizes laundry bags fit all your washing needs. Especially good for delicates, lingerie, sweaters, knits, bras, underwear, active wear and baby clothes.
Protect and Organize: Mesh bags protect your garments from tangling, snagging, or pulling in washer or dryer. While also minimizing the chance of color bleeding into each other. Perfect for organizing your clothes when packing for a trip
Durable and Reusable: Made of strong, long lasting polypropylene nylon. Soap and water flow easily through the mesh for optimal cleaning.
Thoughtful Design Zippers: Automatic lock so zipper will not open when washing and drying, zipper cover for extra protection, no rust. Zip up and protect your clothes while washing and drying.