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Flourish by sacred Probiotic Prenatal Lotion

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At the onset of your pregnancy, most of you are dealing with visible shifts in your body such as dehydrated skin, stretch marks and acne breakouts which make you uncomfortable and therefore need to be addressed straight off.

This is why we created Flourish – the world’s first prenatal lotion with 2x prebiotic lovingly made for you! Flourish is a face and body lotion that instantly and properly soothes, hydrates, and nourishes your skin from within by our plant-based ingredients that have absolutely ZERO harmful chemicals.

Now, going through this crazy hormonal change for nine months can take a back seat while you find joy in taking care of your skin. Flourish will help quell all those sensitivities and will make you look forward to each new day as it brings you closer to the most fulfilling role in your life called motherhood.

Lots of love, Team Sacred.