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Sun Chlorella A

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Discover the purity of Sun Chlorella, Nature’s Perfect Superfood. Our carefully cultivated pyrenoidosa strain is the superior alternative to other harsh, chemically processed and indigestible Chlorella products on the market. Sun Chlorella contains no artificial colors, flavors, or chemicals. Richly green and potent, Sun Chlorella is a whole food from a lineage of pure green algae that have existed naturally on earth for thousands of years. As Mother Earth’s own Superfood, the powerful combination of nutrients works naturally with your body to nurture your health from the inside out.

Recommended Use: 15 tablets daily

Other Ingredients: chlorella and non-GMO lecithin.

1 tablet = 200mg Net Content: 60g

For children, lactating and pregnant women, consult your health professional prior to use.

Storage : Please store in a dry environment. Avoid sunlight, moisture and open air.