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Legendairy Milk Lactation Supplements - Lechita

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Lechita   contains  a  blend  of  powerful  organic  ingredients   designed  to encourage  the  flow  of  breast  milk.  Fennel  seed  can   optimize  the  quantity and  quality  of  breast  milk  while  other   supporting  herbs  provide  calming effects  that  may  reduce  stress   and  tension,  prompting  the  milk  letdown reflex.  Anise  and   caraway  are  also  traditionally  used  as  digestive  support for  mom   and  baby.  

This  blend  is  formulated  for:  

  • Milk  flow  
  • Calming  
  • Gassy  baby  
  • Colicky  baby

Suggested  intake:   2  capsules  3x  a  day  (one  blend  for  7  consecutive  days)  

Ingredients: organic  fennel  (seed),  organic  anise  (seed),  organic   goat’s  rue  (herb),  organic  caraway  (seed),  organic  vervain   (herb),  vegetable  capsule.

Founded  in  2015  by  Luna  Feehan.  Founder  Luna  Feehan  spent  early months  of  motherhood  obsessing  about     her  breast  milk  production.  She has  then  decided  to  come  up  with  lactation  supplements  to  help  other breastfeeding  mothers  increase  their  milk  supply.  


Legendairy  Milk  offers  organic  Herbal  Lactation  Products.   All  products  are 100%  Fenugreek  Free.   There  are  more  than  1,000  reviews  on  Etsy  about the  products.   The  brand  is  from  Austin,  Texas  USA.


Legendairy  Milk  helps  the  community  by  having  Legendairy  Littles  where they  donate  to  an  infant  in  need   for  every  bottle  bought.  They  also  have Legendairy  Mamas  for  lactation  and  sleep  support  to  mothers.


Legendairy  Milk  is  currently  the  most  talked  about  lactation  supplement  in the  US.