Li'l Twinkies

Li'l Twinkies Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate

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Li'l Twinkies Anti-Slip Silicone Dish Plate is specially designed for babies 6 months of age and older who are being introduced to second stage of solid food. Has anti-slip suction bottom to prevent unwanted accidental food spills and 4- grid wide capacity to allow your baby to intake just enough nutrients he/she would need. It's easy to clean, guaranteed high heat resistant and is made with BPA-Free material.


- Material/s: 100% Food Grade Silicone - For: Babies 6M+ - Features: 4-Grid Wide Capacity, Suction Bottom, High Heat Resistant - Material Contents: BPA/Phthalate Free (Non-Toxic) - Package Contains: 1 x Li'l Twinkies Silicone Dish Plate