Little Freddie Creamy Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt

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A smooth blend of yoghurt, bananas and blueberries

Weight: 100g

Variant: blueberry and banana

Doypack packaging and round seal

Recommended for babies 6 months and up

No GMO(Genetically Modified Organism)

No artificial flavours and colours

Gluten free and dairy free

Contains 100% natural ingredients

Our Greek style yoghurt – made from calcium-rich organic whole milk – adds a wonderful creaminess and subtle tang to this smooth recipe. Sharp blueberries and sweet banana complement the luscious yoghurt to create a delicious breakfast, snack or dessert.

Texture, taste and aroma

A delightfully smooth and creamy blend

Sharp blueberries, sweet banana and tangy yoghurt create layers of flavours

Subtly sweet and tangy


48% Organic Greek Style Yoghurt

43% Organic Bananas

7% Organic Blueberries

1% Organic Wholemeal Oat Flour (gluten)

1% Organic Barley Flour (gluten)

<0.1% Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate