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Magicopper MASK

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It comes with 1 mask and 5 non-woven fabric

  • Eliminates 99.9% of virus & bacteria in 30 minutes
  • It completely blocks droplets
  • Antibacterial film kills pathogens 
  • Reusable and washable
  • Excellent breathability
  • Copper deactivates virus. Backed up by studies from Korea. 

MagiCopper Antiviral, Antimicrobial Copper Film Mask 

  • Free Size Adjustable 
  • Double Protection 
  • Designed for easy breathing
  • Washable to reuse


  • It Completely Blocks Droplets, which is one of the most common ways COVID-19 Spreads. 
  • It has over 99% antimicrobial effect, which is more than that of your usual facemask. 
  • The antibacterial copper film kills pathogens. 
  • Its excellent ventilation prevents dermatitis and other allergies.


  1. Is there a maximum number of washes before it should be replaced? 

There’s no maximum number of washes before it should be replaced, as long as the mask is still intact. The copper is embedded inside the film, unless you break the film or it’s torn, that’s the time that it needs to be replaced. 

  1. How about the non woven fabric? Is it disposable? 

No, you don’t throw away the non woven fabric, it’s reusable and washable also. It’s purpose is to just block your saliva from sticking into the copper mask and of course for more easier breathing (and is not a filter). But some people use only the copper mask, without the non woven fabric (if you’re comfortable with it). Just wash the non woven fabric and copper mask with soap and water after use. 

  1. Can this fit or be used for children? 

It’s not intended for children but it can fit children who are 4yo up depending on the body structure also.