Medela SpecialNeeds (Haberman) Feeder

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Designed for babies with facial or oral problems that hamper their ability to maintain adequate suction for feeding like those with cleft lip/palate, ankyloglossia, and babies with neurological disorders. Also used for babies with weak sucking and premature babies. The SpecialNeeds Feeder offers the following benefits for feeding your baby breastmilk:
o Easy regulation of milk flow
o Easy milk intake
o No spillage
o Takes less time for feeding
The one-way valve membrane between bottle and teat means no air can enter the teat. In addition to this, the Specialneeds Feeder has a slit-valve which enables you to regulate the flow of breastmilk by simply changing the position of the teat in your baby's mouth. Even if your baby suckles gently only, he is able to activate the breastmilk flow, satisfying his natural suckling needs even though his suckling is too weak for breastfeeding. By squeezing the teat, you can support the flow of breastmilk so that it's easier for your baby to drink.