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MOTHER-K Zipperbag Medium

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Mom should use a medium size most.
Product Name Antibacterial Baby Zipperbag Medium
Pieces 15 pieces
Size 20cm X 22cm
Quality Material Anti-bacterial LDPE
Usage Purpose Feeding bottle, water bottle, toy,
diaper and others


What is different to 
MOTHER-K Antibacterial Zipperbag?
01 Outstanding antibiotic substance and
well-padded material
This is well-padded material and outstanding antibiotic
material that are better than the regular zipper bag and
you can store even the foodstuff with peace of the mind.
02 Base side system
Greater packing capacity is enabled and it is convenient to put in
the items such as feeding bottle, baby food container and others
that are stored in upright position.
03 One stop packing
You can pack easily by using these zipper bags
of different sizes and to reduce the unnecessary
volume when you go out.
04 Differentiated design
Become a mother with good sense who packs easily by using
the zipper bags with baby goods that enable you to pack easily
and to locate items easily thanks to the differentiated design!
05 Quality display by the Food Sanitation Law
MOTHER-K antibacterial baby zipperbag is according to the
Food Sanitation Regulations, therefore you can hold to snack
and food for kids