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Pablocs is a complete set of 116 wooden building blocks in different shapes and sizes. While it has the classic squares and rectangles. The Pablocs column, ramps, arches, and more building essentials elevate your budding builders structures! It also means hours and hours of fun and active learning!


How many blocks are in the Pablocs set?

-There are 116 wooden blocks in total, with 28 different shapes of blocks to build with!

What kind of wood is it? 

- Smooth pine wood, locally sourced and carefully crafted for stable builds

Are they child safe?

- Absolutely!  We make sure that the edges are sanded smoothly. They are also non toxic, and we UV - disinfect them before sending them out.

Are they light or heavy blocks?

The smallest block weighs approximately 250grams, and the biggest block weighs approximately 900grams---not too light nor too heavy  so your structures are strong and sturdy!