Que Rica

Que Rica Premium Maxi Gift Set

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This basket includes the following products:
1 pack Pork Laing Longganisa (Regular, 350g)
1 pack Bicol Express Longganisa (350g)
1 pack Chicken Tocino (350g)
1 pack Holiday Belly Ham (1kg)
1 pack New Look Dried Fish (200g)
1 Bottled Vegetarian Laing (230g)
1 Bottled Sinantolan (230g)
1 pack Pili-Chocolate Chip Cookies (half dozen)
1 pack Pili Conserva (set of 5)
1 pack Pili Nuts with Truffle Pecorino (50g)
1 pack Pili Nuts with Coffee-Coco Sugar (50g)
1 set WVN Table Napkins (set of 6)
1 set Bidibidi Upcycled Christmas Ornaments (set of 12)
1 pair Personalized Coconut Ladle (set of 2)

Other items in this set:
Woven Basket from Albay, Bicol Region
Que Rica Ribbon
Que Rica Gift Card
Que Rica Holiday Sticker Set illustrated by Pen Prestado