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Soodox™ for Women Pain Relief Cream offers relief for most types of pain women experience. It gives relief to period pain and cramps, muscular aches, joint pain and arthritis.

Key Features
The only pain relief designed for women.
Contains 100% Natural active ingredients.
Made in Australia and approved by the Australian Government.
Has mild scent of Rosemary, Mint & Lavender oil.
No overwhelming sensation of heat as with other traditional creams and gels
Can be used on active muscles before, during and after sport and exercise, as part of a warm up routine to help relieve muscle soreness and tightness
Active Ingredients
Arnica montana extract equivalent to fresh flowers 50mg, Rosemary oil 60mg, Juniper berry oil 4.85mg, Emu oil 20mg, Eucalyptus oil 4.85mg, Clary sage oil 7.5mg, Lavender oil 15mg and Marjoram oil sweet 7.5mg
Contains Hydroxybenzoates and Imidurea as preservatives.
Apply liberally 3-4 times a day to affected area. For menstrual pain, apply once or twice a day to lower abdomen and back.
Do not use if tamper-evident seal is missing, torn or broken. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.