Super Mom


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  • Ideal for evening gowns, formal wears, suits, winter jackets, etc.
  • Reclaim closet space with this amazing new product. Give your closet the space it needs to create an entirely new wardrobe by properly storing designer gowns, suits and other clothes that are too precious to give away in an airtight bag. This will make sure your gowns stay amazingly perfect years you have first used them. To operate, simply use a vacuum cleaner to pump the air out from the bag. Once done, seal the valve cap.
  • Each pack contains 1 piece of the hanging vacuum bag measuring 135x70cm in size, can hang up to 5 clothes. Made from a highly durable sheet with a thickness of 0.60u. Perfectly reusable with quality standards recognized by the Centre Testing International, ISO/IEC17020. Vacuum pump is not included on the package.