Voila - After Nappy Change Serum

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Voila is a project born out of a profound love of natural and organic
personal skin care products; a fondness, discovered out of compelling
aversion to anything synthetic; and has become a lifestyle since. As such
the potent power of nature, when used appropriately, guarantees
impressive result. Thus the question, why not do this for everyone I care
about? Voila! The rest is history.

Skin Care
Voila skin care products range from facial wash, beauty oils,
serums for every skin type. We are one in empowering women to
embrace their natural beauty regardless of age and complexion. No
whitening, no chemical peeling, no enhancements, just the right
nourishment for a vibrant, beautiful skin.

Baby skin
On top of every mom’s priorities is making sure the baby’s needs
are met. With enough stimulation, complete and adequate rest,
right nutrition; the list doesn’t seem to end. The extent any mom
would do for their little one is truly admirable. Precisely why Voila!
aligns its vision with how a mother nurtures especially in designing
and formulating products for the little ones. The entire line boasts of
ingredients that are gentle yet effective, perfect to keep babies’
delicate skin nourished throughout the day. Aside from that, these
products also aid moms in completing a baby care checklist
effectively and efficiently by providing products that make child
rearing less tasking and more relaxing.

We used clear BPA free containers so you can see the
contents of the product. Ingredients used are also printed on
the label.

Includes Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, castor oil, essential oils,
jojoba oil, castile soap.

Why go for a diaper rash cream when your baby can have rash-free
skin with the ‘after nappy change serum’? Formulated with Virgin
Coconut Oil, castor oil, tea tree and lavender essential oils to
soothe, moisturize and protect your baby’s skin from redness and
soreness. “The ricinoleic acid in castor oil, combined with trace
amounts of omega-3 fatty acids help lock moisture in the skin”. This
along with the other ingredients create a moisture barrier on your
baby's skin, healing and preventing diaper rashes before they can
You can also use this serum as a massage oil or as an alternative
to your usual baby lotion. .
Better yet, your go-to moisturizer after all that alcohol spritz you did
on your hands. Did we say it’s anti-bacterial too?

120 ml