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Vortex Deco 2 Vacuum Type Insect Killer for Babies Rooms - Available

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• Vacuum Insect Killer

• Made of polycarbonate, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene construction

• Dumet UV source with lasting stabilization wavelength with 360-400nm of light to attract insects

• With its light sensor, unit will be automatically on/off according to the light environment

• Easy cleaning and servicing

• Portable with easy grip handle

• No chemical attractants needed

• With easy on/off function

• Great for indoors

• Portable

• 3 months warranty on unit

Why need this product:

• Discreet way of catching insects

• Protect your kids from the disease caused by insect such as Dengue and Malaria

Best for:

• Babies Room

• Living Room

• Front of the house