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The Keenz Yommy High Chair is designed in Korea with safety and functionality in mind. It is not only secure and comfortable for babies, but is also easy to maintain. To set it apart from other high chairs in the market, this stylish & comfortable high chair has a super strong and sturdy frame which allows it to be used from newborn up to a maximum weight of 20kg.  Its unique frame structure shifts the center of gravity closer to the ground, making it much more stable and secure.
This Yommy is super functional with adjustable seat height, backrest reclining angle, footrest and feeding tray depth. This allows it to be used as a comfortable recliner (perfect for keeping the baby close by) or a perfect spot for napping, relaxing, resting, eating or playing. Leg divider can even be removed if needed. Feeding tray can be secured easily on its rear legs, while a huge storage basket underneath the high chair allows you to easily keep and access things that you need during mealtime. With its "Automatic Braking & One-Touch Pushing System", the high chair can be pushed around easily even with the baby sitting in it.
● Strong, thick, and lightweight sturdy frame
● Unique frame structure that shifts the center of gravity to the bottom (nearer to the ground), making it much more stable and secure. This prevents falling accidents as the high chair will not shift even when the child moves.
● Can be used from newborn up to a maximum weight of 20kg
● Only high chair in the market with a huge storage basket underneath for keeping things that you need easy access to during mealtime
● Equips with 4 wheels (including 360° Swiveling Rear Wheels) for mobility
● The "Automatic Braking & One-Touch Pushing System" ensures that the brake is always on as a safety measure to prevent the high chair from being moved when the child is sitting in it. This system, together with its unique pushing handle and caster wheels, allows the high chair to be pushed around easily even with the baby sitting in it.
● 5-Position angle adjustable backrest (recline angles) so that baby can even nap comfortably
● 7-Position height adjustable ergonomic seat to suit various dining tables & furniture, so that the child can enjoy meals together with the family
● 3-Position angle adjustable footrest
● 5-Point safety harness for added stability and security
● Removable anatomic leg divider
● 2 large feeding trays (upper tray and lower tray) of 51 x 31cm size
● Feeding tray can be removed for quick cleaning
● Feeding tray can be stowed away by clipping at the rear legs
● Removable leather seat pad - comfortable for baby and easy to clean
● Seat pad can easily be replaced with other exciting colors!
● Self-standing and compact when folded for easy storage even in smaller living spaces
● BPA, Phthalate and PVC free

● Size (high chair fully opened): 123 x 59 x 73 cm
● Weight: 10.3kg

Additional Leather Seat Pad Colors (purchased separately):
● Baby Pink
● Sky Blue
● Pearl
● Super Mom Awards 2020 – New Product Category