Medical Grade Hypoallergenic 3-in-1 Growth Pillow

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There are two pillows in this set. The first pillow is flat and is the ideal first pillow for your toddler. The second pillow is made with a curved-edge and as your toddler grows, offers the additional neck support that he/she requires. These two pillows, used in combination, provide the optimal pillow for the older child. These breathable pillows made with medical-grade, hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating materials, will have your toddler sleeping more safely, soundly and comfortably. -Medical Grade / Hypoallergenic: Made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic material. Keep yor bedding free from bacteria and dust mite. Ideal for eczema, asthma and allergy sufferers. -European Standards: Passed REACH SVHC/ 173 SGS toxicity tests, no harmful chemicals. -Breathable & Absorbent: Highly breathable, moisture-absorbing pores draw sweat away to keep baby dry. -Temperature-Regulating: Uses purified water as the expanding agent, offering optimal comfort through all seasons. -CRABYARN Pillowcase: Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial for your peace of mind. -Can be used as a calming pillow for fever relief. -Comes with 2 pillow and 2 pillow case