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From fresh fruit at home to restaurant veggies, easily mash food for baby.
This compact, portable Food Masher quickly and thoroughly mashes fruit, veggies and more for fresh, fast baby food. The ridges on the Masher and inside the bowl ensure efficient mashing, and the teeth on the Masher are designed to fit between the ridges to get every last bit of food. The steep bowl walls keep food contained while mashing, and the Masher head is designed without holes to prevent food from getting trapped. The Masher comes apart and fits inside bowl with lid for taking on the go.

Why You’ll Love It:
– Ergonomic and efficient in mashing food
– Steep bowl walls keep food contained while mashing, and doubles as feeding bowl
– Compact design to save storage space
– Lid to keep everything in place while on the go
– Parts come apart for easy cleaning