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Seve's Mom Cloth Nursing Pads

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Made from soft cotton flannel and fleece, Seve's Mom Cloth Nursing Pads is the sustainable alternative to its disposable counterpart.

It can help absorb milk up to a full day, based on user feedback. Care instructions: Wash with warm water and gentle detergent, may opt to put a few drops of tea tree oil for its anti-bacterial properties and air dry. Seve's Mom Cloth Nursing Pads provides extra protection for momma's flowing milk. Alternately works as effective facial wash cloths (to remove make up, apply facial care products, etc.) when you've long weaned or not breastfeeding. Mom Tip: Assign a color or design for its intended purpose (i.e. nursing, facial care, etc.)

Material: Cotton

Dimension: 3.8 x 0.5 x 3.8

(3 Pairs / Set)