Soakleen Dishwashing Tablet - Antibacterial Variant - Regular Pack

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Soakleen is the first ever dishwashing tablet in the Philippines, which aims to significantly reduce your effort in dishwashing when faced with tough stains. This works by dropping

Soakleen with water in your heavily stained pots, pans, tumblers, and more. Drop, soak and rinse! These three easy steps are all you need to ensure that your dishes and cooking surfaces are clean and safe for your next use. Our Antibacterial variant kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and mildew so you don’t have to worry about these lying around. Soakleen can be used on all kinds of surfaces: plastic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, non-stick, stone, clay, and ceramic. Our product is especially useful on plates, bowls, utensils, plastic containers, pots and pans, rice cookers, and other kitchenware you may have.

Each Soakleen Regular Pack contains 25 tablets for your soaking needs, or for when you choose to use it as a dishwashing liquid.

Dimension: 13x20cm