Swaddies PH Stitch-free Water-absorbent Bedmat

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PROPERTIES: made from 6 layers pure cotton gauze material for maximum protection and absorption from unwanted stains, with non-skid rubber guards at the back to keep the mat in place and protective stiches.

BENEFITS: Can be used for diaper changing, potty training, post-operation care, as an underpad alternative and a lot more. Can be used by new borns, toddlers, adults, elderly adults and even pets. Washable, quick to dry and economical.
Size: 70x90cm
Difference between Original and Stitch-free
Stitch-free water-absorbent bedmat
- flat and thinner finish
- more lightweight
- no protective stitches but fast absorbent
- no hanger
Original water-absorbent bedmat
- softer finish
- with protective stitches
- with hanger
- highly absorbent